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This is an open South Asian community for dance artists within the UK  to connect, develop, network and progress collectively. All dance artists at all levels of their dance journey are welcome to join this community whether linked to South Asian heritage/ training in South Asian Dance/ worked with South Asian artists/ would like to be in a South Asian majority group.


The community was founded in early November 2020 by Birmingham based dance artist and choreographer Vidya Patel. The community functions within a WhatsApp group with now over 100 artists and continuing, everyone is encouraged to share dance related news on specific days. 

“I have founded this group with the hope of gathering a positive community amongst South Asian related dance artists/ freelancers within the UK which empowers, informs, celebrates achievements through connecting with one another. I woke up one morning and just had a urge to individually message dance artist in the UK and those I could reach out to. The response has been incredible and motivates me to keep going. I really believe sharing is a ripple effect. The ripple effect is already happening with individuals sharing dance news that can benefit peers as well as celebrating one another's achievements. My hope is this supportive, thriving community sustains far into the future to help all dance artists take steps to achieve their artistic dreams” 

Founder of South Asian Dance Artists, Vidya Patel

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Vidya Patel - Dance Artist & Choreographer

In 2020 weekly newsletters of jobs, opportunities and funding news within the South Asian dance sector and wider dance sector was shared alongside weekly Zooms facilitated & created by Vidya. In 2021, the communities presence is also online and on social media platforms  with the ambition to reach many artists as possible and further develop dance aspirations.


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